Why care about customer experience?

In the age of “everything”, customer experiences play a huge role in the purchasing process. If he is satisfied, there is a great chance that he will come back to us, otherwise he will probably decide to look for another supplier. The global consumer trend requires commitment to customer service.

International Salesforce research shows that as many as 84% of customers believe that customer experience is as important as the quality of the product sold. Moreover, as many as 73% of respondents who have had at least one positive experience while shopping, expect to experience the same with their competitors. That is why investing in caring for customer experience really pays off.

Positive customer experiences reduce the likelihood of returns and complaints, affect the willingness to leave a positive comment, increase loyalty, increase satisfaction, and also translate into recommendations, the so-called buzz marketing. Research shows that caring for the high quality of customer experience allows you to increase the price of products up to 16%.

It is worth remembering here that customer experience is definitely more than just customer service – to understand what it is all about, you should look at your company holistically. The customer experience begins at the stage of finding the brand on Google, through an intuitive website, fast and efficient product shipment, up to possible contact with the service in order to make a return or complaint. In short, your decisions and what you do have a huge impact on the perception of your brand by potential customers.

If you feel that you are not able to meet customer expectations on your own, we are here to help. We guarantee the reduction of parcel shipping costs and the improvement of shipping processes. We will also take care of quick handling of returns and complaints.

Please remember that your customers’ positive impression does not have to be a one-man-job and that investing in customer experience really pays off.

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