Returns & claims in e-commerce: rules for returns and claims

Did you know that not only the shipping process, but also accepting returns and handling claims can be outsourced? At eHOPI, we support online stores from A to Z… That’s probably why we understand the way in which returns & claims are handled Learn the basics of returns & claims, prepared exclusively for you!

Have they made up their mind? They are entitled to return the purchase

Polish law stipulates that stationary stores are not required to accept returns – it depends on their goodwill. Online stores are another story – here the law guarantees that if you dislike the product after inspecting it in person or it simply doesn’t fit – you can send it back without any regrets.
However, there are a few “BUTs”: the goods must be free of any signs of use and should be shipped back in their original packaging. A used, damaged product stays with your customer, they do not send it back, instead they look for another way to get their money spent on it back. For example, it can be sold on a shopping platform or simply returned.

Note: Even if the goods were not used, remember that there is a list of products that cannot be returned, and these include: medicines, cosmetics, newspapers. Once shipped, they cannot be returned to the sender. For this reason, it is always a good idea to remind the customer to give each purchase some thought, whether they make it on-site or online.

Another important issue is deadlines. The usual time frame for returning a product is 2 weeks. This may not be a particularly long time, but clearly, according to lawmakers, it is sufficient. It is not uncommon for online stores to reach out to customers and provide a 30- or even 90-day return policy. In practice – looking to get their money back – the consumer returns the goods much sooner anyway.

Noteworthy is the fact that the customer, returning the product, gets a refund not only for the product itself, but also for the shipping cost – the cheapest in the store’s offer. So, if at the time of purchase he had a choice between the more expensive shipping by parcel service and the cheaper one by the post, and he chose the parcel service, he will get a refund for the cost of shipping by post.

Literally everything is subject to claims

But what if the goods have already arrived to the customer faulty? Then they have 2 months after the defect is spotted to report it to the seller. However, if they detect the flaw 2 years after the purchase, it’s too late – they miss the chance to claim it.

In principle – an online store must not refuse to accept a complaint. It happens that the seller refuses to process a claim, blaming a list of products that cannot be claimed. Well, this is not true! If the goods are not in accordance with the terms of the contract, are inconsistent with it, they can be claimed.

Returns and claims – we’ll handle it!Our article above merely outlined the basic issues of returns & claims. But rest assured – you don’t need to know the regulations on returns & claims to deal with them. Do you know why…? At eHOPI, we don’t just ship orders, we also handle returns & claims. Delegate the entire process of managing your online store to us, or just certain aspects of it, and you will soon realize that it was worth it!

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