Fulfillment Reduce your costs and jump ahead of your competitors

Warehouse storage, co-packing, parcel packing and dealing with goods returns… If even thinking about all this makes you shiver, you are in the right place. We offer a comprehensive service for your online-based company. You can depend on us for developing your omnichannel selling strategies as well as direct internet sales. Our highly qualified customer service team will make sure that your orders are processed in good time; the parcels are well coordinated and complaints and returns are dealt with. See how much we can do for you!

Delivery and storage of your products

At eHOPI we know that as your company grows, so its needs increase. Instead of directly hiring additional personnel, choose outsourcing and trust us to do everything related to order processing. As part of fulfillment, we will take deliveries, store your goods, process the orders, prepare them for shipping and send them off to customers. We also provide customer service on your behalf and deal with returns. We will help you to reduce your fixed costs significantly, maybe even completely, and save your time.

Warehouse storage

We offer you BTS storage warehouse premises equipped with modern infrastructure. Our floor space exceeds 30,000 m2, which allows us to find a flexible solution for our customers’ storage requirements. We offer flat floor space for pallets, pallet racks as well as shelf racks. Would you like to keep track of your stock? No problem – we provide regular online updates on availability of warehouse space.



Our experienced co-packing team deals with quality control, labelling, tagging, wrapping, inserting, repacking and creating promotion kits, always according to your requirements.

Transport services

We have our own department dealing with domestic and international transport. Within it, we provide FTL (full truckload) and LTL (top-up) services, and thanks to long-term cooperation with courier operators, we have developed solutions tailored to every size of an online store. By choosing to work with us, you can be sure that your parcels will reach their destinations quickly, smoothly and cheaply, both in Poland and in the rest of Europe.


Dealing with returns

Whenever a customer decides to return the product, we will deal with it and ensure that your stock will again be in perfect order.

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