Fulfillment for ecommerce – why outsource the order fulfillment process?

You are leveraging the growing trend of online shopping. You’re cashing in on the fact that people want to buy at a lower price, be able to quickly compare deals online and read reviews. And finally, with barely a few clicks, their purchases get delivered right to their door. You meet their needs, but what about yours? You slowly feel the need to support the order handling process in strictly logistical matters. And that’s when fulfillment for ecommerce kicks in. What is it and why should you choose it? You will find it out in this text!

Do you have storage and transportation needs for ecommerce?

You know it. More and more orders. Less and less space in the warehouse. You and your employees are tripping over parcels of goods. Although you can reduce your advertising expenses to reduce the number of orders you receive, but what’s the point? After all, the company is supposed to grow. It’s great that you’re succeeding. But how do you manage just like that? It will take a while before you find new space, arrange to relocate the entire store, hire new employees. Fortunately, there are simpler solutions. You can spare some stress and time if you delegate all this to an external company.

What else is in it for you? A reduction in fixed expenses by 100%!

After all, there are days and weeks when there are more orders coming. Pre-Christmas period, seasonal sales, Black Friday, etc. – you may not be able to handle it on your own then. External warehouses, which do not face the problem of seasonality, are a different story. Your warehouse will miraculously not expand, let alone other resources – including human resources, with fulfillment this issue doesn’t exist. And that means one thing: reducing fixed costs, because fulfillment is a flexible service.

Or maybe you are just starting your e-commerce journey. You’re running your store on Allegro, for example. You’re doing pretty well, but your basement is already full. Besides, you are probably alone with all this: you take orders, pack and ship parcels. The ladies at the post office know you backwards. In addition, you do the accounting and handle the IT. Your kids see you constantly busy, you have no time for them. Why torture yourself so much? After all, that’s not the point of having your own business!

You need fulfillment for ecommerce!

Professional logistics companies are there to support people like you. They have the essential background – a warehouse. Indeed, fulfillment is basically about taking care of storing and delivering goods. Thus, as part of the fulfillment service, they will organize the entire shipping process for you as well. They will pick up, pack the goods, ship and deliver them to your customers.

Importantly, you don’t need to outsource everything at once; with eHOPI you decide what you outsource to us: packaging of goods, shipping, or maybe just marketing? Because we happen to handle the latter, too.

That’s not all! Online stores can rely on our help from A to Z. We also handle returns and claims, so you can focus on the things you are best at. What you really enjoy doing, what you like most about this business. That’s why you can be sure that we will tailor each fulfillment service to you and your business needs.

Want zero waste packaging? Absolutely! We keep an eye on the latest trends and are eager to implement them at our company. Last but not least: fulfillment at eHOPI is a fully flexible approach, so you settle with us only in a transactional model. Interested? Find out more by checking out the Services tab.

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