We are prepared to face any challenge, and by integrating the multitude of the logistics processes, we will make your business run smoothly and efficiently. We are not afraid of the ever-changing e-commerce market and the situation caused by the pandemic

We focus on modern technologies

To help you grow your business, we introduced WMS Logifact – a new intelligent logistics management system that streamlines all logistical processes. Thanks to this system, our output now includes managing up to 250,000 warehouse locations on pallet and shelf racks, dealing with 40,000 item lines as well as sending out several dozen delivery vehicles every day. Optimize your logistics processes with us.

Always up to date

Thanks to our IT systems, we can regularly perform stocktaking. Goods stored on our premises are checked according to their location, origin and number of units. Our system seamlessly integrates all these aspects of stocktaking, giving accurate information on the state of the warehouse not only to us, but to you as well.

Speed and precision

With WMS Logifact we provide our services at the highest level of efficiency. There is no space for errors or delays in orders.

Returns on your investment

The IT system we introduced also has an impact on your operation costs and on your human resources management, which translates into a real reduction of your costs.

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