Re-commerce – why second-hand and ecologically packaged items are trending

Find out how the green trend is affecting our purchasing choices. Will it put the brakes on sales? Not necessarily, it will simply redirect it to other tracks… mainly re-ecommerce. We are looking forward to helping you incorporate this idea into your business!


The desire to protect the planet vs. consumerism – can they go hand in hand?

Environmentalists and scientists have been discussing this for a long time: the planet’s resources are dwindling, and the planet is becoming one big junkyard. Alleged scandals involving the burning of expensive unsold clothes should be history, as today’s clothing brands focus on second-hands stores.
Recognizing the success of shopping platforms selling second-hand stuff, they made up their minds and now want to sell worn but not worn-out clothes under their own label. But the trend is not just about second-hand clothing, also electronics, furniture, etc. Retail giant Zalando has long had a pre-owned section and even its own outlet. And recently the world has been abuzz with the news that the mighty retail chain Zara is entering the second-hand clothing market.

Along with the trend for pre-owned and unsold end-of-line (outlet) items, renting things is also becoming increasingly in vogue (especially in electromobility – scooters, electric scooters, but also smartphones).

The idea in each of these concepts is that something once launched should circulate out there as long as possible, to squeeze maximum out of it, to get more than one user. So that, eventually, a produced item doesn’t end up in the trash too soon, but serves as long as possible.

Will it be possible, therefore, to expect the return of quality items that are not tossed out after one season because they cannot stand the test of time? That the trend of aging products in order to push consumers to buy a new one again and again will end? Let’s hope so!

Re-commerce takes on the world and online shopping platforms

Reselling pre-owned items is nothing more than re-commerce. This trend is a natural outgrowth of increasing environmental awareness, getting bored of constantly buying something new. Today virtually everything is stylish, so you can safely wear clothes from a few seasons ago and still look chic. Because nowadays everyone can be who they want to be. The world is breaking open, there is no need to pretend, to blindly follow fashion to fit in with the crowd’s expectations.

This is a beautiful thing, and that’s why this trend is worth fostering and exploiting: Vinted, Olx, Allegro – these are just a few sites where we can sell pre-owned items. But you also do it through social media. Some of the sales take place, for example, in real time during so-called livestreams.

If you are considering entering the re-commerce market or are already active in it and the things you sell:

  • are bulky, such as furniture, which generates storage problems,
  • are so popular that you can no longer handle packaging and shipping,
  • take so much of your time that you can’ handle marketing, customer service, returns and so on.

…then you’ve come to the right place, because at eHOPI we deal not only with ecommerce, but also with re-commerce. What you sell doesn’t matter to us, what matters is that we can ease your burden and handle warehousing, packaging, shipping (in the green spirit of course) and more! Explore our comprehensive offer or choose only what suits you best. We guarantee that we know more about ecommerce, including with the prefix “re”, than anyone else!

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