Sales in the dropshipping model using HOPI fulfillment

Selling through dropshipping model using HOPI fulfillment services has been gaining popularity in recent years. This business model involves selling products directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler without the need for owning a warehouse. This allows entrepreneurs to avoid warehousing and logistics costs, enabling them to focus on customer acquisition and sales growth.

One of the most critical elements in the dropshipping model is the process of warehousing, packaging, and shipping goods to customers. Many companies use fulfillment services, which provide professional logistic services, including storing goods, packing, and shipping.

HOPI is one such company offering fulfillment services in Poland. It has a warehouse covering an area of over 30,000 square meters and advanced logistics systems that allow quick and efficient order processing. Thanks to HOPI’s services, entrepreneurs can enjoy numerous benefits. They don’t have to worry about storing goods, packing, and shipping them. Instead, HOPI takes care of the entire process, saving time and money.

In addition, HOPI offers system integration, allowing entrepreneurs to integrate their online stores with HOPI’s system. As a result, orders are automatically transferred to the HOPI system, allowing for faster and more efficient order processing.

It is worth noting that HOPI offers not only fulfillment services but also many other logistics services, such as transportation, storage, return handling, and complaint handling. This enables entrepreneurs to benefit from comprehensive logistics support, saving time and money.


In today’s world, where more and more entrepreneurs are adopting the dropshipping business model, fulfillment services are a crucial element for success. They allow entrepreneurs to focus on customer acquisition and sales growth without owning a warehouse or handling logistics.

HOPI is a company that provides professional logistics services, including fulfillment services, warehousing, transportation, return handling, and complaint handling. With advanced logistics systems and system integration, HOPI provides fast and efficient order processing, resulting in customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Entrepreneurs who choose HOPI’s services can be confident that their goods are stored in a secure warehouse, monitored 24/7. Moreover, HOPI also offers customers the ability to track their shipments, increasing their trust in the seller and positively impacting the company’s reputation.

In summary, the dropshipping model combined with HOPI’s fulfillment services allows entrepreneurs to achieve success in online sales. Thanks to HOPI’s services, entrepreneurs can focus on growing their business, while professional logistic services take care of the remaining elements of the sales process.

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