Logistic implementation

We are prepared to face any challenge, and by integrating the multitude of the logistics processes, we will make your business run smoothly and efficiently. We are not afraid of the ever-changing e-commerce market and the situation caused by the pandemic.

Reduce your costs by implementing logistics systems

Our consulting services will analyse your company’s logistics chain so we can offer you a custom solution for your particular business branch and budget. We are constantly looking for new solutions in order to offer the highest quality services. We are ready to implement automation systems tailor-made for our customers’ individual needs.

Integration with warehouse machinery

Warehouse automation optimize all warehouse processes such as storage, preparing and shipping of goods. It significantly increases the output and streamlines the management of the warehouse, which ensures a fast return on your investment

Integration with automated order picking equipment

Implementing automated systems has a great effect on reducing the costs of labor, improving the quality of service and lowering the risk of errors while picking orders.

Integration with labelling machines

This type of integration allows printing of labels from any place, directly from the order list, without the need to download the file. This solution significantly enhances the whole process and saves a lot of time.

Integration with measuring devices of any type

When measuring processes are automated, we can, among other things, easily weigh and measure a parcel, which in turn, allows for faster product shipping.

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