When is it worth using logistics outsourcing services?

When is it worth using logistics outsourcing services?

The dynamic development of e-commerce has irreversibly changed the behavior of consumers all over the world. Unlimited access to a wide range of products allows buyers to make purchasing decisions almost anywhere and at any time, which in turn also affects the logistics service of online orders. The answer can therefore be simple: when you feel that your business is getting out of control, your assortment begins to litter around the apartment, and the day shrinks mercilessly, it’s definitely time to think about logistic support.

But it’s not that easy. In general, it is worth thinking about the help of an external company in advance. And we absolutely do not mean to persuade you to cooperate with us at all costs. We just want to draw your attention to the fact that when your business starts to get overwhelmed by you, it may already be a little too late to take action. The principle that prevention is better than cure works great in running your own business.

The level of competition in the e-commerce sector is indeed huge. At the same time, overall customer experience is influenced by many factors. If your orders are late, or your delivery charges are high and the whole buying process is less than intuitive, you can be sure that customers will not return to you for future purchases. We are convinced that B2C logistics has a great influence on building your e-company’s brand. Flawless processing of individual customers’ orders, timely parcel delivery and fast processing of returns all have a positive impact on your company’s brand image.

Summing up, there is no one specific answer to the question of when it is worth deciding to outsource logistics, but it is definitely worth remembering that there is always such a possibility. Very often it turns out that this type of solution is definitely a cheaper option than, for example, investing in your own warehouse or in employees dealing with completing and shipping packages.

If you feel that your business keeps growing, it might be the right time to check whether cooperating with a professional logistics company would be a good choice for you. Generally, such companies offer flexible plans so you can always pick the optimal service for you and your business.

Pros and cons of outsourcing logistics services

If you are visiting our page, you are probably already thinking of outsourcing your logistics tasks. We would like to help you with this decision and show you the gains and losses of working with eHOPI.

Your gains:

– No need to rent your own warehouse space;

– No need to hire employees to operate the warehouse and pack orders;

– A billing model where you pay only for the operations performed, with no recurring fees. The cost of such a service scales based on the store’s turnover;

– Optimizing the organization of warehouse activities. This affects the short delivery time and minimizes the number of errors;

– Improvements for the 21st century. Implementation of automation solutions dedicated to the individual needs of customers;

– time saving

Your losses:

– Lack of full control over the execution of orders;

– There is a chance that the costs of working together may exceed acting on your own. Most often, however, this is counterbalanced by the time savings.

We feel that every online shop owner must carefully consider all pros and cons of outsourcing and choose the option which will be just right for their business.

If you would like to know anything else, please contact us.

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