What is Fulfillment and what are its services?

Fulfillment is a key element in e-commerce that encompasses processes related to order handling, warehousing, product preparation for shipping, as well as shipping itself and handling returns. It is a comprehensive process that is usually carried out by logistics specialists.

Warehousing is one of the elements of fulfillment services. Thanks to it, products are stored in a warehouse where they are protected and prepared for shipping. Some 3PL operators, such as eHOPI.pl, have spaces available with controlled temperature and humidity. Warehousing allows for the storage of a larger quantity of goods, which enables an increase in sales scale.

Courier shipping handling is another important part of fulfillment, whose task is to deliver goods to the customer quickly and safely. As part of the service, employees are responsible for packing and labeling products, as well as selecting the appropriate courier. EHOPI has a portfolio of many courier companies with the possibility of both domestic and international shipments. We can also “ride” on our clients’ contracts.

Co-packing is another service that is included in fulfillment. It involves packing products from different categories together in one set. This allows the customer to place one order and receive all products in one package. So-called VAS services also include creating advertising stands for our clients from the FMCG industry.

Logistic support is a wide range of activities aimed at ensuring effective and efficient order fulfillment processes. As part of the service, logisticians are responsible for planning, coordinating, and controlling logistics processes, including transport, warehousing, and distribution.

System integrations are one of the most important elements of fulfillment services. They involve automating connections between various systems used in the order fulfillment process, including online stores, warehouse systems, and courier systems. As a result, the order fulfillment process is more efficient and easier to handle.

In summary, fulfillment services involve many activities related to order handling, from warehousing, through courier shipping handling, to logistics support and system integrations. Thanks to professional fulfillment services, companies operating in the broad e-commerce industry are able to offer their customers fast and effective order fulfillment, as well as provide them with comprehensive support in the area of returns.

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